Dealerships Count On Parkway Auto Transport

We know that we’re transporting more than your vehicles.  Your business and your business’ reputation ride with us every day.  We’re 100% committed to superior customer service.  With over 40 years of automobile industry and transport experience, we know how to get your cars to their destination safely, on time, and in excellent condition.  Learn why doing business with Parkway Auto Transport is not just good business, it’s smart too!

Enclosed Transports

Parkway Auto Transport offers enclosed carrier service for even more safe and secure transport of your prized vehicles to their destination.

Adding to our already impeccable service standards and quality care for your vehicle, these enclosed transports keep the road spray and weather elements away from your automobile.

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“The person that received my car in Florida was very impressed with the prompt delivery time and communication. He commented that he would use you again, for sure. Great job!”

– Pamela N.