Visit Our Professional Truck Wash Service

Come On In, The Water’s Fine.

At Parkway, we are proud of the work our professional Wash Bay staff performs and their knowledge of equipment and products needed for these services. Being in the auto transportation business for the past 50 years, we understand  firsthand, how
important it is to have clean, professional looking trucks.

Why Wash?

A fresh looking truck gives a positive impression of your company, the trucking industry, and how their products are transported. Drivers are valued employees, they are known to spend long hours inside a truck cab. Providing them with the opportunity to clean their truck provides a sense of value and importance as an employee. DOT officers can also get a negative perception of dirty trucks and look favorably on trucks that are clean and well maintained.



Tractor Only $ 44.50
Tractor Rinse $ 25.00
Tractor W/Van Trailer $ 86.21
Tractor W/Flatbed Trailer $ 81.62
Tractor W/Tanker $ 97.36
Straight Truck $ 51.13
Tractor w/Car Carrier $ 108.75


Trailer washout w/potato/nursery $1.00 per minute after 10. $ 41.70
Trailer Washout $ 35.78
Mud Rinse Trailer $ 25.00
Trailer Rinse $ 25.00
Trailer Deodorizer $ 5.39
Van Trailer $ 44.50
Flatbed Trailer $ 37.08
Tanker $ 50.95
Dump Truck $ 57.61
Side Dump $ 53.00
Belly Dump $ 68.00
Car Carrier Trailer $ 60.00
Racecar Trailer $ 49.00


RV (Under 20 FT) $ 46.00
RV (20Ft or Longer) $ 55.00
Pickup Truck $ 19.00
De-Icing Starting At $ 30.00
Engine Wash $ 11.00
Clear Coat Protectant $ 5.00
Aluminum Wheel Polishing $ 30.00
Aluminum Brightning $ 2.00

“The person that received my car in Florida was very impressed with the prompt delivery time and communication. He commented that he would use you again, for sure. Great job!”

– Pamela N.